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Integrity. We do the right thing. Always!

Leadership. We take a decisive leadership role in all projects from start to finish.

Learning. We advance our competitive edge and skill set through continuing education.

Ownership. We take responsibility for every detail, every challenge and every success.

Creativity. We embrace creativity and have a distinguishing eye for design.

Owner Involvement

Each job has the personal attention and consideration of the company’s leaders. To ensure excellence in quality and service, a company founder will be directly involved with the completion and management of each project. Become the trusted advisor. Get entrenched in a client’s process, and have their concerning architecture, design, etc. from the beginning.

Value Exceeds Price

Prices are not the cheapest nor the most expensive–prices are competitive and fair. Exceeding expectations. Experience with the Interstruct team far exceeds the price for a project.

Commitment to Excellence

Detail oriented, time oriented, quality team of subcontractors. Personal attention and attention to detail. Quality, design and attention to detail are paramount. Clients are not only getting a skilled GC, they are getting professional, design-focused interest within the cost of construction. Interstruct is not simply there to build your space- they have design and aesthetics in mind.

Professional Construction

We put professionalism into the unprofessional world of construction. Proof that construction can be professional, responsible and design focused. Interstruct is not the unprofessional contractor with a magnet sign on the pick-up truck door. Interstruct transforms the gritty construction process into a systematic, professional experience.

Ryan Young

Ryan Young

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Ryan is an architect, visionary and family man. Like many, he is a transplanted Florida by way of the northeast – growing up in Jersey and earning his master’s and undergraduate degrees in architecture from Northeastern University in Boston. Once he settled in Central FL in 2001, he started a commercial construction company called Interstruct Inc., which helped embed him into the cultural fabric of Orlando and contribute to the city’s renaissance over the last decade.
Ryan currently lives in a home he designed with his wife and two young boys. He co-writes a recurring series for The Bungalower called “I Wish This Was,” where he highlights unused spaces in Orlando and proposes new in-fill project ideas.

Richard Monroe

Richard Monroe

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Richard is Interstruct’s co-owner and operational guru, handling projects of all sizes and scopes, as well as the day-to-day accounting and HR needs for the company. His versatility stems from his varied and plentiful educational and professional credentials. He holds a master’s in real estate from UCF, bachelor’s in building construction from UF, is a LEED Accredited Professional and is ARGUS certified in both ASC Developer and ASC Valuation – DCF. None of that experience, however, has made him a better volleyball player or helped him fix his Jeep.

Matthew R. Coticchio

Matthew R. Coticchio

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There aren’t bases in the construction and real estate field Matthew doesn’t already have covered. He graduated from UCF with a bachelor’s in business management, specializing in entrepreneurship, and his primary focus at Interstruct is developing new business and project management. Like any good professional, Matthew cultivates his interests outside his capacities at Interstruct, too, by being active in the National Association of Industrial Office Properties, Future Leads Committee, and participates in BOMA and ICSC. Like the rest of the Interstruct team, he likes to hack a little golf ball around on weekends. When that gets too frustrating, he might go fishing.

Matthew R. Coticchio

Jon Akvan
Office Principal

Jon has been a part of the Interstruct team since 2012, and he’s all about the process. Whether it’s residential or commercial construction, Jon has the ability to hone in on all aspects of a project to ensure quality, timeliness, efficiency, and most of all – customer satisfaction. He’s also got a stack of degrees to back up his insane work ethic – including a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in Construction Management, a Master’s degree in Business Management, as well as a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. When he’s not being ridiculously good at this job, Jon enjoys playing golf, and watching movies.


Paul Lyautey
Senior Project Manager

Paul is a Central FL native and an Interstruct 11-year veteran. His experience in the construction trade, not only as a project manager but also as a technical and electrical expert, give him the ability to run Interstruct’s biggest works like a machine. The bigger the project, the bigger the budget, the more Paul elevates his game. When he’s not leading the way on multi-million dollar builds, he’s probably on the water boating and fishing.