Value Engineering

By thoroughly assessing building materials and exploring material alternatives, Interstruct, Inc. will help you by maximizing your budget and minimizing waste. As a result of lowering costs and pursuing more cost-effective solutions, profits are increased and results are ultimately enhanced.


No matter how small of how large a project, Interstruct, Inc. will provide you with a skilled team that excels in the demanding building process and focuses on detail oriented project management. With you every step of the way, your hands-on project manager will keep you informed and keep the project on schedule.

Construction Management

Our Construction Management service means that you’ll have one dedicated expert managing your project, rather than the usual juggling of independent consultants. by having a dedicated project leader, you can rest assured that your project will be skillfully managed.


To help you navigate what can be a very complicated process and help you reduce costs, Interstruct Inc. provides complete design and construction services. This not only simplifies the building process overall, it also provides you with one central contact persona and generates a more highly coordinated project. This means that, ultimately, you benefit from visibly better results.

Feasibility Analysis

Via complete feasibility studies and financial analyses, Interstruct, Inc. will help you assess project viability and assist you in your budget development. We can also provide financial guidance to help you acquire necessary financing and once acquired, provide complete cost allocation and cost reporting.

Pre-construction Services

To better serve you, our extensive Pre-construction Services include all aspects of resource/subcontractor selection, budget allocation, and scheduling considerations. Interstruct, Inc will also help you fulfill local permitting requirements, adhere to zoning requirements and gather all necessary bids/sub-contractors to create a seamless, well thought-out plan.

Turnkey Development

To satisfy the growing demand, Interstruct, Inc. delivers complete Turnkey Development, including, but not limited to, site selection, architectural design, and construction management. In effect, providing all necessary construction and construction-related services.