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“A Holiday Hand: A Parramore Christmas Movie Night”

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ORLANDO, FL, Dec. 14, 2022 — Parramore families don’t have to go far for some holiday cheer this holiday season. The Desire Foundation, Inc. and Interstruct, Inc. present “A Holiday Hand” on Friday, Dec. 23 at 814 W. Church Street. Gates open at 4:30 p.m. with the screening of the movie Elf beginning at 5:45 p.m., complete with an over-the-top concession stand for guests to enjoy all their favorite movie snacks, for free. The lot will be comfortable, safe and secure for up to 100 kids and their grown-ups. 

The movie is a new addition to the third Parramore family holiday event produced by the Desire Foundation which also includes a hot chocolate and dessert bar, gift wrapping, gingerbread house decorating, photos with Santa, and gifts for kids including toys, bikes and scooters (helmets included). As per all Project 814 events, there is no charge for entry, food, goods or services.

“A Holiday Hand: A Parramore Christmas Movie Night” is the ninth Project 814 event since Thanksgiving 2020 and is named for its location at the Interstruct headquarters. To date, Project 814 has directly served 2,500 people onsite, and many more who benefit from neighborhood food distribution.

All Project 814 events are spearheaded by Jennifer H. Desire, who has been feeding people who are homeless for several years. Having moved to Florida from Haiti in 2008, Desire recognized America’s abundance in contrast with homelessness. “How can we (America) have so much and still have homeless people?” Desire began helping others by buying $50 of school supplies at the Dollar Store and her efforts grew from the needs she saw. After being featured on a mural at 814 W. Church St in the summer of 2020, Desire used the mural as a recognizable landmark to connect with those she helped. The community project grew from there. 

The primary objective is to bring essential resources that are not readily accessible into the Parramore community, and to build trust and develop a rapport with individuals so services can be better tailored to their needs. “People know they will get things they need,” says Desire. “You can only build programs with longevity if you build community and trust. That’s what’s going to keep you going.”

For “A Holiday Hand,” Desire envisions seeing families and kids with their friends watching a movie, eating popcorn, playing and enjoying all the holiday activity stations and then going home afterwards with toys. “Families don’t have to go far to have an experience they’ve probably never had before,” says Desire.

As with all Project 814 events, Desire’s driving mantra is, “How can we make someone’s life better?”

 Project 814: By the Numbers

  • 2500 people served at 8 onsite events since November 2020
  • 45 haircuts per event
  • 400 bags of fresh groceries
  • 45 cooked turkeys
  • 120 government IDs
  • 700 toiletry bags
  • 125 bikes
  • 150 scooters
  • $5,000 of WalMart gift cards
  • 30 loads of clothing washed and distributed
  • 25 cell phones
  • 30 health insurance sign-ups
  • 90 vaccinations and screenings
  • 40 HIV tests
  • 80 COVID tests
  • 305 volunteers
  • 70 community partnerships
  • 1 financial partnership

Annual Project 814 Events 

  • Grocery Giveaway
  • Blessings Bags (hygiene products)
  • Thanksgiving with a Friend
  • A Holiday Hand

More information and links to past events and photos: 814westchurch.com

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