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Jennifer H. Desire is the central figure on the Unity Mural at 814 West Church Street. Since the mural’s completion during the eventful summer of 2020, Desire has seemingly stepped right off the wall to share a message of hope to the community of Parramore through service events, facilitated through an ongoing partnership with Interstruct.

What is Project 814?

Project 814 is a remarkable initiative by the Desire Foundation, Inc., in partnership with Interstruct. It derives its name from our significant location at 814 West Church Street.

Since Fall 2020, the Desire Foundation has successfully organized regular Project 814 events at Interstruct. Through these events, we have made a positive impact through thousands of interactions by offering hot meals, groceries, clothes, and vital community resources to individuals residing in Parramore, including those experiencing homelessness.

Says founder Jennifer Desir Hilaire, “We owe our ability to carry out this meaningful work to the unwavering support of Interstruct Inc. They generously provide funding and a clean and safe location to conduct our non-profit operations, enabling us to create a nurturing environment for the community.

At Project 814, we aim to empower individuals by offering a wide range of resources and services. From providing food and haircuts to offering phone charging stations, vaccines, and invaluable support from our esteemed community partners. We strive to uplift lives and foster a strong sense of connection and belonging. As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we are immensely grateful for this partnership.”

2024 Event Calendar


June 22, 9am-noon: Office Hours & Grocery Distribution

814 Church Street Orlando, Fl 32805

For more information reach out to Jennifer at [email protected] | 321-389-6120


January 27th 2024: Office Hours + Second Harvest Food Bank

February 10, 12-4pm: Cure All-Stars Free Women’s Mammogram

February 16th 2024: Light of Orlando love week + Second Harvest Food Bank, 12:00pm- 3pm

March 23rd 2024: Project 814  + Second Harvest Food Bank [whole life church support]

April 27th 2024: Project 814 + Second Harvest Food Bank [whole life church support]

May 25th 2024: Office Hours + Second Harvest Food Bank

June 22nd 2024: Project 814 + Second Harvest Food Bank [whole life church support]

July 27th 2024: Kids Field Day + Second Harvest Food Bank 

August 17th 2024: Project 814 + Second Harvest Food Bank [whole life church support]

September 21st 2024: Office Hours + Second Harvest Food Bank

September 28th 2024: Fundraiser Concert

October 23rd 2024: Office Hours + Second Harvest Food Bank

November 23rd 2024: Thanksgiving with a friend [whole life church support]

December 21st 2024: Christmas Event + Second Harvest Food Bank

Office Hours Initiative

In January 2023, Ryan Young and Jennifer Desir Hilaire created a new program to provide vital support to the community. Office Hours operates every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, offering a diverse range of services ranging from job application and resume building assistance to navigating government programs including ID support, food stamp applications and health insurance. Our program addresses the critical needs of individuals who are facing financial hardships. We are fully committed to providing the necessary support to help them regain stability and move forward in life.

Office Hours:

Watch here for future dates/times.

Location: 814 W Church Street, Orlando FL in Parramore

Time: Watch here for future Office Hours dates/times

Contact: Jennifer Desir Hilaire

Phone: 321-389-6120

[email protected]


text Jenn at 321-389-6120 / [email protected]


If the work we are doing aligns with your company’s vision and you would like to get involved with a meaningful project that directly serves this Orlando community, please contact Ryan Young.

Volunteers, Services + Donations

If you would like to be added to a volunteer list, please contact us
Phone: 321-389-6120
[email protected]

If you have a service – such as barbering and other salon services, dentistry, general health provider, food services, etc. – to provide, please text Jenn at 321-389-6120.

See Project 814 in action.
Video by Tony Ramzy

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