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Interstruct Select Projects addresses the challenges many clients face when seeking experienced contractors for smaller-scale, high-urgency projects that require minimal permitting, with a swift turnaround in a matter of days, not months. The Select Projects division succeeds from its relationships with Interstruct’s design + build team and the company’s work history with over 200 proven and trusted subcontractors.

Interstruct Select Projects provides tailored solutions + expertise for select commercial construction projects. Led by Spencer Mitchell.

Interstruct Select Projects Service Examples

MRI Extraction + Installation 

If you’re considering replacing your aging MRI system, we have the experience to help you navigate the replacement process.

Concrete/Masonry Repair + Installation 

Whether you need to design, construct, or maintain your concrete or masonry our experts will ensure that your project is completed correctly, on time and within budget.

Bollard Installation 

Adding security to your facility or simply protecting an area from damage, we can assist you with professional bollard installation.

Apartment Renovations

When you’re ready to renovate a block of rooms, we can help quickly prepare them for new tenants.

Hotel Refresh + Targeted Renovations 

When you’re ready to update guest room interiors and public spaces, leverage our expertise for a quick and professional renovation or refresh.

Parking Lot Repairs + Enhancements

Commercial parking lots are subjected to daily onslaughts of foot and vehicle traffic. Whether you need to completely renovate your lot, or meet new safety or ADA compliance standards, we offer comprehensive services that ensure your investment will last.

HVAC Upgrades 

Are you considering taking advantage of the savings opportunities from high-efficiency RTU (rooftop unit) solutions? Our experienced technicians can help you maximize your energy savings.

Tenant Improvements

Interstruct Select Projects is built on 20+ years of Class A TI work by Interstruct and puts that expertise to use when collaborating with clients to complete select projects (replace floor coverings, custom millwork, lighting installation, lobby and reception renovations, refresh a corner suite, upgrade the breakroom, etc.) on time and on budget.

Cleanroom + Life Science Remodels 

Understanding environmental factors is an important element when designing and building a cleanroom. Proper airflow, temperature control, and understanding the various airborne contaminants is essential to protecting your product, process, and personnel from risk.

Industrial Modernizations + Upgrades 

If you’re looking for a one-stop, turnkey contracting solution for your machinery installation, relocation, or removal needs, look to iSelect Projects.

Medical Office Refresh

Medical office buildings are a major pillar of Interstruct’s business. Select Projects can target an office or lobby refresh, add a nurses’ station, etc.
Our expertise working with healthcare partners ensures you a stress-free path forward, on time and on budget.

Water Damage Remediation

Interstruct Select Projects has the expertise to remediate any scope of water damage quickly, safely and professionally.

Corporate Signage + Rebranding

Interstruct Select Projects has the comprehensive experience to address everything from monument signs with lighting and landscaping, to signage or branding changes that are already integrated within the property.

Retail Merchandising Display

Need profession Installation of cantilever racks, pallet racks, and retail merchandising fixtures? Select Projects will get it done!

Restroom Refresh

Select Projects can refresh Class A office restrooms without a remodel (we do those, too!). Are you looking to replace a vanity and fixtures, upgrade lighting, replace doors or ensure a fully accessible restroom that complies with ADA requirements? Let’s talk.

Is your business in need of Interstruct Select Projects?

Consider these statements:

  • .01

    My property could better serve the needs of my team, business and clients.

  • .02

    I believe my team will be outgrowing their current space in the next 12 months.

  • .03

    My property could be more energy efficient to help keep utility costs under control. 

  • .04

    My property is not brand-compliant and doesn’t uphold our corporate image.

  • .05

    The design of my current workspace doesn’t help retain or attract new team members. 

  • .06

    I need to replace one or more pieces of capital equipment.

  • .07

    I am interested in modernizing the infrastructure of my workspace. 

  • .08

    I am currently seeking a construction partner to help me complete a project.

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Tenant Outdoor Recreation Area

Lincoln Property Company recognized the potential to transform a swath of unused parking at their SouthPark Center in Orlando into a multi-purpose outdoor recreation area for tenants.

It is quite clear that Interstruct's cadre of in-house professionals operate in a high-level coordinated effort, sharing our vision and working cohesively and collaboratively to deliver our projects on time and on budget. -Scott R. Stahley
Vice President, Lincoln Property Company