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Adaptive Reuse Case Study: Bank to Dental Office

Megan Padilla

As digital banking takes over, brick-and-mortar banks are shuttered and sit empty. According to FDIC data, today, there are nearly half as many commercial banks as there were in 2000. Florida is among the top five states with the most closures. Most people have likely noticed a former bank on a high-traffic corner, whose drive-through roof does little more than shade concrete with weeds pushing through the cracks. We have a solution. Did you know a bank’s drive-through can be transformed into usable space?

WMG Development, the real estate division of longtime Interstruct client Heartland Dental, has identified net value in purchasing these highly visible properties to convert them from banks to dental offices. This is the kind of #adaptivereuse project that Interstruct knows inside-out: extracting every bit of value from the existing site and structure; and saving time and money by working within the existing zoning and codes rather than starting from scratch.

Bank to Dental Office Before + After

Interstruct’s most recent project for Heartland Dental (top) is the adaptive reuse of a former BB&T bank (bottom) at 1200 E Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy in St. Cloud, Florida. Bank buildings do come with a few burdens. The heaviest, by far, is the vault which must be removed. Other unique-to-banking features such as the drive-through lanes can also be seen as a negative, but Interstruct turns them into a plus.

Bank Adaptive Reuse Challenges + Opportunities

“Cut out the teller window, close in the drive-through with three walls and convert the space into a 12-station dental office,” says Interstruct Project Manager Justen Robinett. Reclaiming square footage from the original drive-through footprint, he explains, and integrating the existing roof lowers costs and maximizes the value for the client.

Says Interstruct CEO Ryan Young, “Banks take prominent corners, ideal locations for someone who wants high visibility on their business. Adaptive reuse of that space might be a good idea.”

Interstruct has worked with hundreds of clients on adaptive reuse projects with great results. Our experienced team understands the myriad of details as well as pretty much every potential challenge and solution.

Interstruct offers clients additional value through the expertise and professional certifications of its executive team. CEO Ryan Young, AIA, is a CGC and licensed architect. COO Rich Monroe is a CGC, and President Matt Coticchio is a licensed real estate broker. “Our work on our own redevelopment projects has allowed us to develop our skill set and to add valuable insight to our clients’ projects,” says Young. 


Our in-house project team are in constant communication to quickly solve problems and keep client projects on budget and on schedule. We loved hearing from Heartland Dental’s Heather Couch about her experience working with Interstruct Project Manager Justen Robinett and Superintendent Bill Barnes.

I wanted to reach out to both of you to let you know how happy I am with St. Cloud and Justen and Bill.  This one had many difficult issues, but they were handled very professionally and proactively.  Banks are never easy, but these two made it look like it was!  This office looks absolutely beautiful, and I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you so much, you are very lucky to have Justen and Bill!

Heather Coach
Construction Project Manager, Heartland Dental

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