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Case Study: Ross department store value-add renovation

Say you’ve got 50, 60, 75,000 square-feet of commercial space to renovate. On top of that large scale, it’s smack in the middle of a busy, tenant-filled retail center. You need great work delivered on time, on budget with minimal headaches and without making enemies of your neighbors.

value-add renovation

While Interstruct, Inc. has grown its business since 2001 with high-end build-outs for Class A office spaces, the Orlando-based company has been doing value-add renovations on large-scale spaces throughout the state of Florida for more than a decade to great results. “Working on something of that magnitude is no small task, and it’s crucial to hire a builder experienced in this kind of construction or renovation,” says Ryan Young, Interstruct CEO and co-founder.  

A recent example is a Ross department store located in Cooper City, Florida.

Interstruct has completed projects for the client, Regency Centers, for more than 10 years. Regency focuses on the acquisition and development of retail shopping centers in the United States and continues its relationship with Interstruct because “they trust our expertise,” says Young.

value-add renovation

Paul Lyautey, Interstruct’s Senior Project Manager, says, “We’ve become very in tune with these kinds of projects and the logistics involved in building in an already operating shopping center. Our clients come to us because they know there won’t be any big surprises or expensive mistakes along the way.”

Interstruct understands the entire process from start to finish. Young explains some of the intricacies of such a project that Interstruct has learned to handle with surgical precision. For instance, they are sensitive to the flow of traffic in and around the shopping center and are able to minimize any disruption to existing tenants and shoppers. “Realistically, this involves a lot of late night work because we can’t shut off all the power or water or whatever else is needed during regular business hours,” says Lyautey.

value-add renovation

That may sound like a no-brainer, but actually requires a high-level of sensitivity, awareness and communication from the on-site personnel to ensure that these necessary shut-downs won’t impact other tenants. “Even during the night, turning off the power means security systems and computers are getting shut off, and we know how to handle all of that to minimize impact on the existing businesses,” explains Young.

While value-add projects are more about function than they are about form, we enjoy the unique challenge of big projects and managing their myriad details has become second-nature to us. They require surgical precision, which enables us to further hone our skills.

Photography: Chad Baumer

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