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First-generation Warehouse Space

Warehouse distribution centers are in high demand, especially along the Orlando-Tampa I4 corridor. Think about it, Central Florida is the epicenter of one of the most rapidly growing states, with some 1,500 new residents moving into Central Florida alone each week. Not only did the pandemic shift consumer purchasing to online, but it also required massive new cold-storage infrastructure that can safely store vaccines and other perishable goods.

You may know Interstruct for our high-end tenant improvement work – we’ve been doing them for +20 years. But did you know we bring this same level of corporate interior work to first-generation warehouse build-outs? We truly understand the intricacies including enormous electrical and AC needs, dock equipment, overhead doors, floor polishing and staining, plus the adjacent offices with high-end finishes that reflect our clients’ brands.

Here’s a look at some of our recently completed or in-progress projects along the Orlando-Tampa I4 corridor:

Check out the portfolio pages of these completed projects

Made Coffee

Red Bull Energy Drink Distribution Center

Crate & Barrel Distribution Center

ICON Electric Vehicles

DHL Warehouse

ACE Companies

Fancy Farms Distribution Center

Workscapes Tampa, Showroom & Warehouse

Industrial or first-gen warehouse project currently underway for clients including:

Premier Packaging

Mango Logistics