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Introducing Interstruct’s Suite of Logos

Introducing Interstruct’s suite of logos representing our brand evolution. We are a licensed architecture, general contracting and real estate firm, designing, building and developing our own projects as Architect-as-Developer.

Interstruct Design: innovative design leaders in commercial architecture, driving in-house design+build excellence at Interstruct. 

Interstruct Design + Build: Orlando and Tampa-based general contracting firm best known for Class A corporate interiors, healthcare, hospitality, and industrial projects.

Infill CRE: in-house commercial real estate entity to further Interstruct’s development work focused on architecture, construction + urban planning.

If you have an unusual project, adaptive reuse or infill project please reach out and let’s connect. We love a challenge.

See Interstruct’s Group Brand Evolution

Logo animation by Emmanuel Rivera. Thank you to the Say it Loud! team for the ongoing brand development creativity.

From GC to Design + Build

Interstruct has evolved as a Company because we constantly seek to improve the outdated traditional and convoluted construction process.  

Building has always been our passion but we never wanted to be just another general contractor. So, after CEO and co-founder Ryan Young earned his CGC license, he did something different. He went back to college, obtained a Master of Architecture degree, studied for the ARE and became a licensed architect. We added architecture to our practice in 2009 and became a truly vertically integrated, in-house design–build firm.

Our design-build work since has afforded us an opportunity to hone our process and create our own Architect as Developer model, wherein we develop our own projects. Through trial and error, this model that focuses on small scale, incremental, infill projects has identified a need for us to better manage the real estate component of our development deals.

Introducing Infill CRE

Our solution: the creation of a real estate entity under the Interstruct umbrella of Companies (which includes Interstruct Tampa and Interstruct Design). We are excited to announce that partners Ryan Young, Rich Monroe and Matt Coticchio have officially launched INFILL CRE to further our development work that focuses on a higher level of architecture, construction, urban planning and personally owned real estate.

Infill CRE is the missing link to closing the circuit on our own development projects. 

We look forward to continuing our existing relationships with our real estate colleagues and exploring new development opportunities that elevate the quality of community driven projects in Orlando and Tampa.

If you have a development or redevelopment deal that you think may be a fit, please reach out to one of us. We would love to discuss the possibilities with you. 

About Interstruct Design

Did you know that Interstruct Design is a team of five architecture professionals? Click here and scroll down to see the full Interstruct Design team.
Yes, we provide clients a full-service in-house design-build process that starts with design, but we also provide conceptual design to clients exploring the possibilities for their adaptive reuse, new construction, and transformative urban infill projects. 
We are innovative design leaders in commercial architecture. Elevate your professional projects through our in-house design-build excellence. Follow Interstruct Design’s new LinkedIn Showcase page to see what’s new and to scroll through some of our past projects.