Intervention: Waverly Frames

An abandoned breezeway originally designed for a bank’s drive-through is transformed into an interactive pedestrian path that connects Central and Pine in downtown Orlando. Ryan Young’s urban intervention was conceived for Brendan O’Connor’s “I Wish This Was” column in Bungalower.

Young’s urban intervention would bridge Central and Pine at a pedestrian scale, acknowledging the importance of creating a formal connection between the two streets. Young suggests installing a series of architectural portals to create an organic volume of outdoor space. The portals would be created using temporary steel-frame structures, layered with LED tech.

“The portals would frame a moment in time through the physical experience, as the pedestrian walks through the sculpture. The pedestrian could also interact with the frames through real-time social media and tech.” – Ryan Young

Real-time social media feeds and posts could be linked via WiFi as a users phone connects with each frame as they pass underneath. The frames would change with the seasons or for special events. This specific rendering was done as a tribute, and in remembrance of, Pulse Nightclub and Orlando United Day.

Read O’Connor’s full story and see pictures of the existing space by clicking here.


Downtown Orlando