Parramore Park

This is our vision for Parramore Park: transforming a fenced retention pond into an active-use pocket park on W. Church St., between S. Lee and S. Parramore Avenues.

Our design for a private/public initiative with the City of Orlando and other downtown Orlando and Parramore stakeholders literally builds a bridge over this retention pond, connecting two sides of a neighborhood. Parramore Park can become a place for people to gather for entertainment, to relax on their own, even as a place to restore the Parramore Farmers Market, bringing fresh produce into the core of a neighborhood that is a food desert.

Optimistically named Parramore Heritage Park, the existing retention pond was once a park until the construction of Exploria Stadium coalesced all of the stormwater into this one city block. We see a solution to give this park back to the neighborhood while still serving its vital storm-water management purpose.

The design evolves as we push the envelope for the revitalization of the West Church Corridor. The WCC reconnects Downtown Orlando’s urban fabric of infill development, higher education, health & wellness, housing, sports & entertainment, greenways, public transportation, and the arts. 

Concept by Interstruct Design + Build

Renderings by Interstruct Design

Animated Graphic by Emmanuel Rivera

Video edit by Anthony Hicks