Suncoast Crossing

A 150,000 sf adaptive-reuse shell project capitalizes on the site infrastructure from a former Super Target. An existing shell, zoning approvals and abundance of existing parking made this shopping center an ideal starting point for new tenants, including a university campus.

Interstruct served as both the architect and the contractor on this project, engaged to prepare the shell for new tenants and design-build a new façade. Interstruct’s architecture team envisioned a process of excavating a section from the façade to introduce a communal space by way of an enclosed and covered courtyard. We opened the roof to accommodate oversized skylights to fill the space with natural light. Planters bring the outdoors in with foliage and also provide seating.

The new outdoor commons enhance to the student and faculty experience of the first major tenant, Rasmussen University, Central Pasco Campus whose high-tech campus for its specialized Health Sciences programs was built by Interstruct Tampa.


Odessa, FL