Zephyrhills: Little But Loud Master Plan

The City of Zephyrhills seeks to maximize recent investments in its downtown such as a new City Hall, library and fire station. The overall concept is Little but Loud. “Little” meaning inexpensive, and “loud” focusing on creative ideas for development. This is all about placemaking and urban infill; transforming underutilized pockets into spaces to gather, connect and build partnerships. 

The primary Little but Loud Project areas envisioned by GAI Consultants are the Backyard and the Alleyway. Interstruct’s architecture team was invited to develop the concept through design.

Zephyrhills is identified as the City of Pure Water, based on the widely known spring water that it bottles and is widely distributed. Our concept is rooted in the hexagonal structure of the water molecule, which we use to define the spaces across the site.

Follow the full design narrative on Post + Beam

Click here to see the full progression through three stages of design work of this added-value, urban infill design project by the Interstruct Architecture Team. The full story is on our blog, Post + Beam.


Zephryhills, Florida