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Removing an MRI

When Orlando Health Imaging Services was ready to replace an “outdated” MRI with the newest technology, they called Interstruct to get the job done. If you’ve heard the saying, “The only way out is through,” then that applied to this one-day job that was a lot like a surgical procedure. Opening the cavity, using special equipment and skills to remove what’s inside, then closing it all up again without leaving a trace.

Of course, in this case, the skin is an exterior wall, the bones and tissue that needed to be pulled away are framing and a steel beam, special equipment includes a forklift and crane, and the high-level of skill is provided by our Interstruct team who successfully removed the heavy piece of imaging equipment and then restored the building exactly as they found it. In one day. The gallery below shows the day’s progression.

The removed MRI will find a new home in a developing country.

Interstruct Healthcare Division

Not every healthcare job is a new medical office building. Our relationship with Orlando Health began by winning a design-build contract for the rollout of multiple new Physicians Associates offices. ┬áTheir project Team appreciates our unique process. Our methodology, relationships with the highest level of trades, commitment to getting it right, and our communication practices led to repeat work, such as the award-winning 54,000 SF Orlando Health Sligh + Copeland Medical Office Complex. So when a job like this comes up, that needs to be done fast, correctly, and on a weekend, they call us. That’s called earning the client’s trust. We are proud of the wide ranging work we do for Orlando Health.

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