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Father’s Day Grocery Giveaway

It was a big weekend over Father’s Day at 814 W. Church Street. On the heels of the final inspection to move into our new office, our Unity Mural Project Grocery Giveaway event took place on Sunday, June 26, 2021. ⁠

⁠If you’ve seen the Unity Mural, you’ve seen the central figure, Jennifer H. Desire, who has seemingly stepped right off the wall to lend a hand to neighbors in need. Jenn thinks big and helps many.

Props to Jenn and her enthusiastic team of volunteers who shopped and filled bags for 100 families, set up tents and planned logistics and then connected with families, onsite and through the neighborhood. Thanks to the Interstruct team who ensured a clean and safe space to work and who joined the volunteers on Sunday. Kudos to Brent Barnes for filling his truck with leftover food and water and who drove through the neighborhood to make sure it was all given away.

⁠Interstruct and the Jennifer H. Desire Foundation will continue providing goods and services to the Parramore community. A new website 814westchurch.com helps connect people with future events and volunteers and sponsors with opportunities to lend a hand.

The Father’s Day Grocery Giveaway is the third Unity Mural Project event by the Desire Foundation and Interstruct. All events take place at Interstruct’s HQ at 814 W. Church Street in Parramore.


The Desire Foundation for spearheading this Unity Mural Project.

The nearly 50 volunteers who helped connect food with families by shopping, packing bags, transporting goods, setting up the site and being on hand to greet people and distribute groceries and water. Jenn prioritized providing fresh food in addition to pantry items. This increased the difficulty dial for logistics, but the volunteers rose met the challenge, with smiles. Seana’s Caribbean allowed us to store all our perishables in their cooler while The Factory opened its doors to store the rest of our food and supplies.

We appreciate the event Photography by Tony Ramzy. Check out his work on Instagram @ramzyinsight and consider booking him for a session or event. ⁠

Jason Wade of Doorbell Ninja purchased and delivered 100 cases of water for the event.

Others wanted to help out too, and did. We certainly couldn’t have too much water in this heat. Thanks to Kenneth HughesDaLila GoodridgeCarmen Rasnick, MBA, CNU-AJillian McCluskeyMichael J. Young and Kris Keller for donating additional cases and even signing up volunteers. 

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