Francis Park Townhomes Phase I

The Francis Park Townhomes on Francis Avenue in the Hourglass District are part of Interstruct’s Architect-as-Developer model. Phase I is a design-build project by Interstruct’s architecture team and was completed in 2016 and added three 2,200 SF townhomes to Interstruct’s Francis Park in the Hourglass residential portfolio, which includes a loft residence at 1316 Francis Avenue and Francis Park Townhomes Phase II. Next will be the adaptive reuse of the “bee house” on Vine Street into an 800 SF single-family home.

Our efforts with each Francis Park in the Hourglass project move the needle toward dismantling and revising longstanding Orange County zoning and policy in order to make way for multi-unit housing that is in scale with the existing neighborhood. Missing Middle Housing increases density and offers more affordable housing in highly walkable neighborhoods.


Orlando: The Hourglass District