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The Hourglass District’s Francis Park Townhomes Begin Phase 2

Are you familiar with Property Passbook? The site grades potential investment properties and has a global reach. Our Francis Park Townhomes project, now entering phase 2, has been designated a #1 value ranking in Orlando with sky-high grades in other categories as well. Check it out: https://propertypassbook.com/real-estate/orlando-wadeview-park/francis-park-townhomes/

Phase I of the project, located in Orlando’s Hourglass District, which comprised three townhomes, was completed in 2016. We have commenced with building another three.

The Hourglass District

I have loved the Hourglass District since I set eyes on it. Then I moved into the neighborhood in 2006. The lot adjacent to my home was a large, grassy stretch with a little-used Masonic Lodge on it. For a long time, I played fetch with my dog on that lawn and dreamed about what the space could be. I jumped when in 2015 the property went on the market. I closed on it that same year.

Interstruct’s next step was to figure out what the possibilities were for the lot. The neighborhood’s infrastructure is not up to current code standards, which meant that Interstruct had to bring things up to code. We also had to redo OUC water lines and put in fire hydrants. The entire neighborhood runs on septic instead of sewer. All of the development restrictions were based on utilities. Septic dictates how big you can build. If we had sewer lines, we could bring more density to the neighborhood. We’re hopeful that as the neighborhood grows, that we can get the right utilities in place and we can do things differently. For Francis Park Townhomes, we had to max out at six.

A Progressive Addition

Because Interstruct is a design/build firm, we have a single-stream project delivery system. It’s what we do really well, and we put it to good use on the Francis Park project. What has resulted is a townhome community that is modern and forward-thinking while still being focused on practical, comfortable living.

We wanted to bring something unique to the area. The other new developments are pretty standard. We wanted to move the needle in the neighborhood by bringing something different. We built progressive townhomes that evoke emotions.

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