2315 Raehn St

The Raehn St residence is a design-build project by Interstruct located in Orlando’s Hourglass District.

Ryan Young, AIA, designed the modern, single-family home for former tenants of a neighborhood property owned by Interstruct. This ground-up build that features Young’s showcasing of materials including Cor-ten steel and natural cedar continues to play a role in the evolving style and allure of the residential blocks off Bumby and Curry Ford.

Interstruct completed and sold the project to the first owners in 2016. In 2021, the home resold for an increase of 63%.

Though no longer owned by Interstruct, 2315 Raehn St is part of the architect-developer’s expanding portfolio of residential projects called Francis Park in the Hourglass.

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Photos courtesy of Blueprint Groups


Orlando: Francis Park in the Hourglass